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Your Body Is Your Most Precious Asset, Who Would You Trust With It?

If I were asked this question, I would trust the Personal Trainer who shows me the most proof and makes me feel the most comfortable.

Everyone you will meet at StrongFit Walsall have started a journey similar to yours, most have started without a single push up or pull up to their name! Our coaching is simply two easy steps 1. We need to know where you want to go. 2. We will explain how to get you there. Our 20 minute No-Sweat Intro starts with a conversation, let's find out what you're already doing RIGHT...There's no sales pitch or lecturing or motivational process. At the Intro we're not going to debate the merits of different exercise programs or diets. We simply want to ask you some questions and listen to your responses.  



Scheduling your No Sweat Intro couldn't be easier. Click the link, and complete the short questionnaire so we can find out more about you and your goals. Then schedule a 20 minute appointment directly into a coaches diary (we have appointments throughout the day and evening). We will even message you 24hrs before your appointment to remind you!


At your No Sweat Intro we will talk in more detail about your goals and we will help you build a plan of how to achieve them, we've done this 1000's of times with clients so you're in safe hands. Then we will schedule your Kickstart sessions so we both know your starting point when joining group sessions and get you started on your 1:1 Nutrition coaching program.


The coaching team will guide you, so you stay safe and reach your goals. You will always know what you need to be working on to keep improving. Your 1:1 Nutrition Coach will check in regularly with you every week for your first 12 weeks to make sure you're on track to hit those goals and working with you to make any adjustments.  

What Our Clients Say

StrongFit® Walsall 

"Serving our local community by fighting the worlds preventable diseases through education and prescription of Exercise & Nutrition"